Elsir Vale

The Elsir Vale is the setting for The Heroes of the Vale. A large, sparsely populated region of farmlands, prairie, forest, and swamp, the Vale is protected and isolated from the outside world by the Wyrmsmoke Mountains in the west, the Giantshield Mountains in the northeast, and the Wyvernwatch Mountains in the south.

Scattered across the Vale are several cities, towns, villages, and hamlets. The de facto capital is the city of Brindol, near the geographical center of the Vale. Along the Dawn Way, the major thoroughfare, to the west of Brindol lie Talar, Nimon Gap, Tarralton, and finally Drellin’s Ferry, site of an ancient ruined bridge and final stop before the road turns north through the Witchwood and out of the Vale. To the east of Brindol lie Marthton and Dennovar, while to the south are Prosser, Dauth, and Hill Watch along roads towards the Brown Hills and Hammerfast Hold, the dwarven stronghold in the Wyvernwatch.

The majority of citizens in Elsir Vale are humans, though members of other races are not unknown. Several clans of dwarves occupy their citadel at Hammerfast Hold, while wild elves are known to inhabit the Witchwood. Gnomes, eladrin, dragonborn, tieflings and other exotic races often make stops in Brindol or Dennovar while on the road, while halflings are known to travel throughout the vale (particularly near Dauth). In general, the locals are happy to have visitors, and even with the oppressive summer heat and rumors of violence on the borders, they’re rather trusting.

Points of Interest

Brindol – Capital of Elsir Vale

The Blackfens


Drellin’s Ferry


The Sunless Citadel

The Thornwaste

The Witchwood (Vraath Keep)

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Elsir Vale

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